10 more English colleges are being set up in the state of Tripura.

10 more English colleges are being set up in the state of Tripura.

10 more English colleges are being set up in the state of Agartala.


Agartala, Tripura: The state government is starting the process of establishing a full-fledged English medium college in the state. E-college will try to start teaching from next academic year. At the same time, five more general degree colleges of the PPP model will be started in the state from the next academic year. Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath told reporters at the General Assembly today. The education minister said the state government has decided to set up an English medium college at Kumari Tiller in Agartala in the interest of English medium students. Construction work will begin soon. An initiative has already been taken to establish an English medium school on the grounds of the old Central Jail. It was later decided that the place would be identified for another project, the institution of Kumari Tiller College. The education department of Kumari Tiller Complex has several institutions. There are District Education Department STRT, IS Diet, Henry DeRozio Twelfth Grade School. There are also regional pharmacy colleges. The education minister said the PPP model aims to establish five general degree colleges that have already completed the tender process. Mo will soon be signed with interested educational institutions in the state. These colleges will be Kakraban, Khairpur, Gerania, Panisagar, and Kadamtala. Students will be admitted to 5 colleges from the next academic year. The process of establishing four more general degree colleges in the second phase has been started. These colleges will have a PPP model. The four colleges will be Kabul Khumulong Shalimar and Ambasa. The land is still being sought at Khumulong. Mango has the infrastructure to comment at home. Kabuki College will be in Chandidas Para. Waiting for MC at Salema Path Department. Regarding the admission process in general degree colleges in the current academic year, the Minister said that the day for submission of applications for spot round admission has come to an end. 

9261 people have applied for admission.

6953 for pass course, 

2308 for the honors course.

15004 people have already been admitted online.

23016 people applied for online admission.

At present, there are 8528 seats for admission in colleges.

About 4000 of those who have applied for sports round admission have been admitted to various colleges online. They have re-applied for the Sports Round to study the college and subject of their choice.

 The education minister said the doctor had scouted the application. Those who have already been admitted will not be re-admitted. The instruction serves said that this time, thinking about the Corona circumstance, the state government has just expanded the number of seats by 10% with the endorsement of the college. But even then students need to be mentally prepared to compromise in choosing subjects. Because no college can have unlimited seats in any subject. 

Spot round has applied for admission,  

most of them 1684 students of Ram Tagore College.

1968 MBB College.

953 students in Udaipur College.

933 people in BBM C.

701 students in Dharmanagar College. 

Bologna College 604 people.

Despite being available for the seat, these ordinary candidates cannot be admitted.

(The Education Minister said that the admission of the spot round will start from January 21)

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