Coroner vaccination is likely to be screened in the state in Kolkata tomorrow.

Coroner vaccination is likely to be screened in the state in Kolkata tomorrow.

Coroner vaccination is likely to be screened in the state in Kolkata tomorrow.
Covid vaccine


Kolkata, 11 January: The corona vaccine may arrive in the state on 13 January. He is scheduled to reach Kolkata tomorrow. Agartala will come by plane from Kolkata. Vaccination will be brought to the security perimeter from the airport.

Gorkha Center Store. The safety officer will be accountable for the focal store. Immunization will start on January 16 the nation over. The central government has given permission to 15 centers in the state on this day. It has been decided that vaccination will be done in one center of the district and in two centers of the remaining seven districts. West DistrictHospital and Gandhigram  TMCP in this chase. Gandhigram Primary Health Center will be associated with the inauguration ceremony at the national level. Immunization programs will see the countrymen through national programs. All measures are being taken for this. It is obscure right now what he will do in the wake of leaving post 21. people will be vaccinated in the first 15 centers. Physicians will be vaccinated in the first stage. The number of states will be about 45 thousand. The names of the beneficiaries are still being uploaded to the database. It has been informed from Delhi today that no more names can be registered for vaccination in the first phase after tomorrow night. Similarly, the time for uploading the second phase vaccination name is till the night of 25th January. The second phase of vaccination will be given to the police, army, and civilian personnel. The process of registering their names has already begun. Those whose names will be registered will be given another chance if they have difficulty getting vaccinated on the specified day. Vaccination preparations are now in full swing as per the guidelines of the central government. So busy NHM and office. Acting Health Secretary Kiran Gitta will hold a review meeting tomorrow. Video Conferencing, DM, SP, CM, SDM, Video Mass.

54 lakh vaccines reached on the first day.

The nationwide covid vaccination is starting from January 16. Earlier, the state-of-the-art covid vaccine began to arrive. As many as 54.72 lakh covid vaccines have already reached the states on Tuesday. According to the Union Health Minister, Sriram Institute 1.1 will be solid and India Biotech will reach 55 lakh vaccine states by the next 14 days. On this day, the flight started from Pune to different parts of the country i.e. to 13 cities of the country with the vaccine. The central health ministry took the initiative to deliver the vaccine to the states four days before it was launched. Apart from the central government's decision to buy 1.1 crore doses of Srivastava Institute, the central government has no other initiative to vaccinate India Biotech with 54 lakh vaccines. On the same day, Union Health Secretary Bharat Bhushan said that the Union Ministry of Health would procure 55 lakh vaccines from Bharat Biotech. Of this, 38.5 lakh vaccines will cost Rs 295 per dose. The price at the tax dam has been combustible. India will provide 16.5 lakh free biotech vaccines. 

There are four medical centers in four places in the country. These are in Chennai, Karnal, Kolkata, and Mumbai. These will be loaded with the Oxford Covid-19 immunization. There will also be one regional center in each state. In order to keep the covid vaccine in stock. Again some states will have multiple centers. Uttar Pradesh will not have such a number of centers. There will be four centers in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Kerala will have three centers. Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, and Rajasthan will have two. So far the central government has delivered 54 lakh 72 thousand covid vaccines in the states. 

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