India is moving further towards defense.

India is moving further towards defense.


The Indian Army has bought Tejas aircraft to protect its country.

The Indian Army has bought Tejas aircraft to protect its country.

New Dehli: India went one step further in military power. The Indian Air Force is going to buy state-of-the-art fighter jets made with full domestic technology keeping an eye on China and Pakistan. The Air Force is buying Tejas fighter jets from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited or Hal. About 40 thousand crore rupees contract has been finalized. This is by far the largest defense deal in the domestic market. Hall initially demanded Rs 56,500 crore for YouTube. Hale has been at odds with the Air Force for about 1 year. In the end, the trade agreement was completed at Rs 39,000 crore. 

The defense minister first objected to the demand for such a large sum of money for a single-seater third warplane. The price cut was then blocked by Hall. The draft agreement was sent to the Cabinet Committee in February last year for final approval on the purchase of warplanes. Yet, because of the Corona emergency, the endorsement of the Union Cabinet was ended in the center. About 11 months later, the Union Cabinet sealed the deal to buy warplanes from Dale Hall.

Tejas aircraft will move to the Indian Air Force camp in the next three years. The Indian Air Force is currently suffering from a shortage. Where forty fighter squadrons are needed, there are currently only 30 squadrons. 83 Tejas are coming to the Air Force to meet the deficit. 

The relevant fighter jet was made by the military aircraft manufacturer Hal. The Light Combat Aircraft is made entirely in indigenous technology. The Tejas will replace the Air Force's obsolete Megh-21 aircraft. The aircraft has already successfully landed in multiple tests. A year ago, the "IL-78" fuel plane, worked at a height of around 20,000 feet, was called Tejas.

In a short time, about 19,000 liters of fuel reached the fuel space of warplanes. India has been named one of the world's top military powers in the field of energy.,said Defense Rajnath Singh on September 19, 2019, after the G-suit"I was ready for a day like this".

Earlier, on September 13, Goa successfully test-landed the Tejas made by Hale. On the same day, the Bangalore Defense Research and Development Organization awarded the certificate to Tejas. 

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