Market inconsistencies with the prices of food potatoes and onions?

Market inconsistencies with the prices of food potatoes and onions?

Why are the prices of potatoes and onions rising rapidly in the market?

Agartala Tripura: Although the wholesale price of light has come down in the Maharajganj market, the retail price of light in the markets of Agartala has not come down. The retail cost of potatoes in the market is selling at that excessive cost. Only the price of onion in the acting wholesale market goes down a lot. But the price of onion is going up in the markets of Agartala. it has been affirmed that the state government organization in the state doesn't have various eyes. However, the wholesale and retail prices of mustard oil, i.e. edible oil, have continued to rise unchecked. Thus, human enduring is just expanding under the pressing factor of rising costs. The misery of the common earning and the poor has been exacerbated, especially by the unimaginable price increase.

The Chief Minister and the Food Minister said this at a function held at the Town Hall on the day of introduction of ration sugar supply two and a half years ago, saying that the state government would provide cheap bottles to the ration shops at present. But the state's ration shops have not yet started offering cheap edible oil. The food department is not able to say when the ration speakers will get this facility. According to wholesale and retail market sources in Agartala, the price of electricity has been rising steadily for the last six to seven months. In the last 6-7 days, the house in Agartala alone has increased from a minimum of Rs 45 to Rs 55 per liter. In the case of retail oil and five packets of bidis, the price of edible oil has skyrocketed in the market. Not only in the markets of Agartala, but in all the markets of the state. According to wholesalers and retailers, the state has increased the price of books. Some unscrupulous traders are resorting to speculation about the state budget of inflation. If the state government and administration are active in this regard, the buyers generally think that the speculation will be reduced a lot. Meanwhile, Prothom Alo was sold at a wholesale price of 11 rupees 50 paise in Rajganj market on Friday. Bhairab Punjab's new variety of Dhupguri light in West Bengal was sold at wholesale on Friday.

Market inconsistencies with the prices of food potatoes and onions?

From Jalandhar and Dhupguri, Agartala and the rest of the state are now getting light. Wholesale traders said that the price of potatoes has been declining in the last 10 days. 10 days ago, potatoes were sold at wholesale in Rajganj market at Rs 16 to Rs 17 per kg. Surprisingly, the price of potatoes gradually came to a standstill and had no effect on the markets in Agartala. In Maharajganj market, light is being sold at Rs 20 to Rs 25 per kg. But the retail price of potatoes is much higher in other markets of Agartala. The founder is being sold at 30 rupees per kilo. But on Friday, potatoes were sold at 11-50 money to 12 per kg in Maharajganj market.

However, at that point, he brought up the issue of why the cost of potatoes isn't diminishing in the retail market.

Onions were sold at wholesale prices in the Maharajganj market on Friday. However, the cost of onion in the retail market isn't declining. Onions are not being sold at retail below Rs 50 in the Agartala market. This is the question of angry buyers, the price of onion is not decreasing. 

The reduction in the price of potatoes and onions is not getting that benefit.

"So buyers complain about these things."

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