Whatsapp new privacy policy Update 2021.

Whatsapp new privacy policy Update 2021.

Why is the public moving towards signal and telegram applications as a result of changes to WhatsApp's privacy policy?

WhatsApp delayed privacy policy changes by three months. The decision was made by WhatsApp because of the confusion surrounding privacy policy changes around the world. Due to this confusion, many users have already left WhatsApp and opted for secure messenger apps like Signal and Telegram. In the midst of this harassment, Facebook wrote on its own blog that the data sharing update was on February 8.

Whatsapp new privacy policy Update 2021.

"WhatsApp staff has come up with a new update to raise public misconceptions about WhatsApp's privacy policy"

The deadline is being postponed by 3 months. Because there are a lot of misconceptions among the people about the new policy of WhatsApp. Data sharing has nothing to do with any private chats or information leaks by WhatsApp users. So we're taking more time than users. 

During this time we hope to be successful in informing WhatsApp users about our new policy details. The recent confusion has spread that WhatsApp is going to share all user information, chat, or with Facebook for advertising. However, the company did not accept this allegation. After this mistake, the company blogs for the purpose of users. 

WhatsApp's new policy is safe or not?

Where written, we do not know any information about WhatsApp users. Not even on Facebook. Chat Location All information is called end-to-end script. New policy updates have given us the ability to share information with Facebook. 

The result is WhatsApp's. With this new policy, WhatsApp users will be absolutely safe.

So on May 15, WhatsApp's employees are thinking of reaching out to WhatsApp users with an updated policy before launching any new business services. 


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